Familiar face brings CFCA to new audiences

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Barclay Martin

Barclay Martin, CFCA’s new channels marketing coordinator

Barclay Martin joined CFCA last year as new channels marketing coordinator.

But he was a familiar face at CFCA long before joining the staff.

Barclay, a professional musician for the past 10 years, was the composer for CFCA’s documentary, “Rise and Dream,” and is seen in the film learning and helping to teach 13 teenagers about the cultural instruments of their heritage.

We sat down with him to find out more about his role and how his background in music influences his work.

Q. What is your role as new channels marketing coordinator?

A. The new channels department was created to reach new audiences as well as develop innovative and creative ways for people to fall in love with CFCA’s work and the individuals we serve.

It’s so exciting to see people take interest in CFCA’s work. Individuals working together to create sustainable, positive change motivates me a great deal.

I’ve developed a deep respect for the rich diversity of the people I’ve met through my travels.

By celebrating diversity as a global community, we become more aware of the essential elements of life that ultimately bring us closer as human beings.

Q. How does CFCA’s documentary film “Rise and Dream” fit into this work?

A. “Rise and Dream” gives people a rare look into the lives of the families with whom we work.

“Rise and Dream” is a story I’ve had the tremendous privilege in helping to tell, and it has been amazing to see how the film has inspired moviegoers across the country.

Q. You have an unusual background for this type of work. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A. You know, I consider myself lucky.

Having spent the last 10 years as a singer/songwriter, I’ve experienced the extraordinary generosity of people, invaluable lessons from travel and the power of music to create space for dialogue and connection.

My work as a musician has taught me to be resourceful, creative and, above all, observant of the changes in our world.

Every CFCA community I’ve visited has taught me something about how to live.

Through applying what I’ve learned in my career as a musician, I’m excited to learn even more from the families with whom we work.

For all that CFCA has taught me thus far, I am honored to be a part of its growth. You can rest assured I’ll be scattering songs as I go.

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